What is a sewer connect portable toilet?

It is a toilet that will connect to the sewer, septic tank or seperate holding tank.

What is a Rear Evacuation Valve (RSV)?

The RSV enables you to empty the toilet yourself.

What chemicals / treatments do I use in my portable toilet?

There are a number of options including liquids, sachets and deordorising discs.

Why has my portable toilet stopped flushing?

You can service your pumps with service kits.

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Can you lay down the portable toilets for transport?

We would not recommend it. However, yes you can transport the toilet lying down.

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How can I tell which Merlin product / model I have?

Please refer to our product pages.

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Do you have second hand portable toilets?

Sometimes. But the majority of the tiime we have a very long waiting list.

Why should I buy a Merlin Portable Toilet?

We have been designing and building portable toilets for Australians for over 25 years

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How are Merlin Toilets different from other toilets on the market?

We use Australian made cabinets and internals manufactured in our factory with stringent quality control and import top grade European marine grade components – so they last up to 20 years.

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How do you empty a portable toilet?

It usually requires a service contractor using a vacuum tank to suck out the toilet.

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What is the life span of a Merlin Portable toilet?

Our early model toilets have been in the market for over 25 years now and they are still in good condition.

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Why are there no prices on the website?

We are happy to provide a personalised quote.

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