A lot of portable toilets look the same, how are Merlin’s different?

Merlin actually design many unique toilets that you simply can’t buy anywhere else. However, a number of cheap imitations have entered the market which look similar to our current range of Ultras and Executives. Our Ultra and Executive range offer these features that set them apart:

  • Largest waste tank on the market – up to 750 uses
  • Highest grade components – European marine grade quality pumps
  • Generally hand pumps – they last longer. We can do foot pumps on request.
  • Easy access to pumps and pipes – do not require you to access the pumps under the toilet floor or through the waste tank – they are to the side for easy access. No need to take off the walls to service our toilets.
  • Highest grade steel skids on every toilet.
  • Lifting systems that are certified -12mm high grade steel that go right into the skid – this provides extra strength to the entire toilet frame.
  • A proper steel top frame (in toilets fitted with a lifting system). We are the only company in Australia that offers this feature – everyone else cuts this corner to save money and your safety.
  • Rear evacuation valves – we use the best quality fittings and we provide a fitted galvanised door cover -it is not left uncovered and open to the elements or vandals.
  • Don’t be fooled by imitations buy the original – buy the best.
  • Don’t take our word for it - ring any hire company and ask them who makes the best toilets in Australia
Last updated on 18th August 2020

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