What is a sewer connect portable toilet?

A sewer connect portable toilet looks like your normal toilet at home with a cistern and porcelain pedestal. It requires a water source and connection to a sewer, septic tank or separate holding tank. This unit does not have its own built in water tank or waste tank.

If you don't have access to a water source or somewhere to connect the waste pipe then you should look at our holding tank toilet range.

Sewer connect toilets are very popular with builders in the construction industry where a sewer connection is easily accessible. It lowers overall costs as you don't require a weekly or fortnightly service pump out as the waste is disposed of directly in to the sewer line. It is also popular as an additional toilet around an entertainment area or pool where a sewer line is present.

It is easy to clean with a floor drain for easy wash down. All our toilets are made from hard wearing plastic with long term life spans.

Last updated on 12th September 2020

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