What chemicals / treatments do I use in my portable toilet?

There are a number of different chemicals / treatments available for your portable toilet.

The first type is added to the waste tank to control smells. There are two different types of chemical — one that reacts and treats the waste and the other is a strong perfume to mask the odour. The odour masking version will last approx 7 to 10 days and then you will need to add more treatment to continue the perfume. The other type is a biological treatment that will release bacteria and it will control smell by breaking the waste down and turning it in to an inert material. The biological version will continue to work for long periods as long as there is waste present to keep the bacteria alive. If you do not use your toilet for long periods then the bacteria will die and you will need to add a new dose.

Both types of treatment are available as either a liquid or sachets. Sachets are a little easier to use as you don't have to measure and you simply drop it into the waste tank. The perfume version is ideal for short term projects/rentals that require a great smell and you are happy to add more toilet additive when the fragrance is no longer noticeable. The biological product is ideal for toilets that are not serviced/emptied regularly — roughly periods longer than 2 weeks.

The second type of treatment is a deodorising disc that is hung in the cabin and release a perfume for approx 2 to 4 weeks depending on brand and conditions. These are ideal when being used by the public as they work out to approx $1 each and don't represent an attractive item to take. If the toilet is for personal use then using a deodoriser available at a local supermarket is ideal for a long term solution. Additionally, using a product equivalent to “Glen 20" achieves an immediate outcome.

We supply commercial strength products designed for large holding tanks over 200 litres. We are often asked about chemical used in camping toilets for use in our large holding tank toilets. Carefully read the product directions as most products are designed for 20 litre camping toilets and often require changing every 5 days. This can work out to be an expensive way to treat your toilet.

Last updated on 2nd September 2020

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